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Hello to All my Friends here on the board.....Well, I had my surgery last Tuesday at UPMC Mercy in Pittsburgh. That hospital is one of the best I have ever been in. Everyone takes the time to answer questions. And the views at night are awesome. I met many other cancer patients, heard many stories.

I have an incision from top to bottom. They did not use staples to close..I am glued back together. The best news is that they found nothing extra growing in me. All they took out was my appendix. And the usual lymph nodes and tissues for biopsies. On Friday I got my path report, and ladies, all my reports came back negative, no cancer found, no chemo needed at this time. We will monitor me for now with labwork every few months.

I came home on Saturday and have been slower than a turtle. Just very tender sore and still struggling to calm my belly enough to eat. But I am home. And I am okay. I got a miracle while so many do not. I am so grateful for this cannot put it into words.I know how hard so many here struggle. I watched my Mom with this. To have so many people pray for me and to receive this news has overwhelmed me with so much gratitude that I want to just hug everyone in the world. Miracles do happen, I am up and standing because so many people prayed for me. That's the only answer I can come up with.

For all of you here, I pray that each of you receives the miracle you need this Christmas. May you find peace and joy with your loved ones, not just tomorrow on Christmas, but in the days to come. I hold you all in my heart, God Bless you all and Merry Christmas...Love, Cindy


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    Great News
    Dear Cindy, What a wonderful Christmas Present you received. I am so excited for you. Thank you for the continued prayers for the rest of us on this discussion site. We covet all we can get. God Bless you ad Merry Christmas. Saundra
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    Miracles do happen
    Wow! That is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us. We all needed a hopeful and positive story. It truly does help to hear that yes, miracles still do happen. I am sure that your sense of gratitude will spread joy to everyone around you and make all of their Christmas's more special and meaningful, as well as your own.
    Love and hugs,
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    Mercy Hospital
    Hi Cindy,

    So glad to hear you've been given good news! I had my surgery at UPMC Mercy, also, and found it to be a good place.

    My surgeon told me I should by a lottery ticket after my surgery, because they had found ovarian cancer (Staged 1C) along with the uterine cancer I had been originally diagnosed with (Staged 1B).

    I didn't have an opportunity to play the lottery until well after my surgery (and my husband won't), and I didn't win. Maybe you should give it a shot - you've been VERY lucky!!
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    Wonderful News
    Dear Cindy, Thanks for sharing the wonderful news you recieved ~ now for sure you have some celebrating to do. Raise the Roof and Praises to the Lord. :-) Hugs ♥ Prayers Bonnie
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    We can all Praise the Lord together for your good news! And yes, corporate prayer does work. I am stomping my feet in a praise dance for you now!!