woke up yesterday with hives

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merry christmas. happy birthday jesus. dee again went to oncon yesterday cause i had haives. he say dont know whats wrong ill give you vistaril 25mg. i said i dont want another pill i want to know whats causing this dr says dont know. i told him i had a sore throat for about wk now he looks says i dont see anything. i dont know whats wrong. ugh double ugh. i havent taken the vistaril yet because i take xannax. warnings said dont take if your on this med it could intensify the med . whats up im on so much med now. i dont know about this dr. i ask him to do a ca-125 on me and he says why, i told problems ive been having he says next month. ladies im ready to move out of this state i told him that. i have an app. at melvin simon cancer center on the 5th up in indy. some drs just in it for bucks dont really care i think. wow i lil itching going on . sorry to always complain. im probably overreacting again. meeerrry christmassssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Hey I had hives for the first time in my life after my 1st chemo...gruesome or wot? My onc didn't want to know ( like you say some totally uncaring sods in this for money only) I used nappy (daiper ) rash cream, It worked. Good Luck and a great Christmas HUG! Julia