bisphosphonates and dental work

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I, a 12 year cancer survivor, was taking Actonel or Fosamax for osteopenia when a crown broke off a tooth. My dentist was able to clean the tooth stub and glue the crown back on. Then 4 years later it broke off again. (I stopped Fosamax last year when I heard about the risk of jawbone necrosis.) My dentist was able to glue the crown on again but this time with barely enough tooth left. He says next time I'll need an implant or extraction and bridgework. Bisphosphonates, even after stopping, can still cause jaw necrosis, so what can I do? Is there a way to eliminate the Fosamax like they do for lead poisoning? Perhaps I'm doomed to lose my jawbones!


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    Although I have never taken any drugs to help with bone loss, I AM having problems with some of my teeth breaking. I am not a candidate for implants because of being radiated. Here is a link to another oral cancer support website.
    There are two dentists that are always on there. They will see your question and reply to it. I hope this helps. Good luck to you and hang in there!
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    I've been taking Actonel for
    I've been taking Actonel for years for Osteopenia. I asked my onc about Fosamax and he said it was not for me. Anyway, I've had problems with my teeth because of radiation in my head/neck area and dry mouth. I have my teeth cleaned every four months, as prevention but I did lose my upper teeth which I hate to admit. At the time, my dentist consulted with my radiologist to see how much radiation I had received in the area and since they were not sure if my jaw bone would crumble or if it would accept the implants, I was sent to the Oxigen Chamber for 40 sessions. Pulling my teeth out was not easy since they fell apart but those sessions in the oxigent chamber really worked for me and my bone held the implants and still does. My dentist has experience with cancer patients; he used to work with M.D.Anderson Hosp.

    MLC53, my teeth used to break too, little pieces used to fall off, just like that. That had to do with the radiation and it is why in order to have implants I needed to have the sessions in the oxigen chamber.

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