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hi i never been in here before i have breast stage 3. node pos and take arimidex. i feel full down there all the time. i had a paps done last month dr said everything was fine i did my chemo taxatere and cytoxin 4 treatments every three wks. i have had a few uti's but dr says now everything is ok. i just feel funny down there. plz excuse me for talking like this its embaracing . tho feels like everything is going to fall out dee


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    Have you talked to your Onc about these feelings?? Some of ovca symptoms are vaugue at best but here are some of mine...bad heartburn,pain with sex,pain in the lower back,changes in bowels habits.bloating to stomach and pelvis area,loss of appetite or feeling filled after eating a few bites. I know you must be scared but I would speak with your Onc especially if you have some of these signs. Also some good news is that the drugs you are on are also used to treat ovca as well,so you might be ahead of this disease. Good luck~~Joanne
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    Same as Joanne
    Ditto to Joanne. You might ask you oncologist for a blood test called CA-125 which is a good indicator for some of us. Normal is below 21 and mine was 3000 when I was diagnosed. It is not an expensive test. I get one each month just to see how I am holding the disease down. A pap smear will not show ovarian cancer, only cervical. You didn't mention your age and I assume you still have uterus and all the other female oragans. Heavy feeling was not one of my symptoms. I did have loss of appetite and weight and pain in my liver and ovary areas. Lots of gas and bloating. (((Hugs and Prayers))) Saundra
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    They've pretty much covered it all. I had no symptoms whatsoever, which is why I considered myself blessed to have caught it early. Even though I went through surgery, treatments, and had a recurrance that required the same, I'm still grateful it was caught at an early stage.

    Let us know how you are doing, and if you have any other appointments or tests. Sending prayers in the meantime.