New test for early detection early stage OVCA?

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Hi ladies, anyone know of this test? My friend in England is having recurrent breast cancer and would like to get this test. Her doc in England has told her/alluded to the fact that this is available in the States. Anyone know anything, or where to find out? She is going to NY in Jan and would like to get it. She doesn't know if she is BRCA1 or BRCA2, but her sister has both OVCA and breast so likely that she may be.

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    early stage ovarian cancer detection
    The test that was being marketed by Labcorp (here in the US) has been taken off the market because of concerns by the FDA that not enough research has been done. I believe you can still get it if you are involved in clinical trials of the product.

    Healthlinx (of Australia) has introduced their ovarian cancer test, OvPlex, and it is still in clinical trials as well. They are planning on it being ready in late 2009 or early 2010. Since Australia has close ties with England, I wonder if your friend might be able to be tested in England if it becomes available there. She might ask her doctor about it.

    Both of these tests use additional biomarkers as well as CA-125. The initial research seems to show that both detect early stage ovarian cancer much better than CA-125 alone. I am also interested in these tests since I am the mother of three daughters and I've had both breast and ovarian cancers. I don't want my children to ever go through this and these tests are absolutely essential to their continued good health. Hurry up FDA!