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Hi all, I have already received so much encouragement from reading your posts. You are such heroic women! I am 48 years old. I was diagnosed on November 7th with Stage 2 OvCa. I was going in for what was supposed to be a 1 hour laproscopic to remove my ovaries and fallopian tubes, which turned out to be a 5.5 hour total hysterectomy. I had 2 15 cm. tumors. I had my gynecologist, a gynecological oncologist, and a Fellow doing my surgery. I am so thankful they were all there. They got the tumors out, found nothing else, and the lymph nodes were clear. I had symptoms about 3 weeks prior. Just dull cramping. Went to my primary doctor, was told I didn't fit any symptoms and called it Colitis. I still didn't feel better after a week. I then called my gynecologist. I also felt a mass just below my navel. He said it was a 1:20 chance it was cancer. I am so thankful I pursued this! I have no doubt I will be healed. I continue to think positive and that God is in control. I had my first chemo last week of carboplatnim and Taxol. I did pretty well for 2 days and on the 3rd day I couldn't get out of bed. Now I am doing well again, just tire easily.

We have also been going down this cancer road with our 5 year old. She was diagnosed the end of Aug. with a Wilms Tumor and had a kidney removed. She has been having chemo once a week for 10 weeks, also had 6 radiations. She has been doing marvelous! She is one amazing little girl. Her first set of scans showed no evidence of cancer! We are so excited. This week she goes for an echo of her heart just to make sure it is o.k. She is one special little girl. We adopted her from China in Sept 2004 at the age of 9 months. Little did we know of the "beast within her". But, God sent her to us and she will be just fine. If all goes as planned I think we will each end our chemo within a week of each other. We also have another daughter, adopted from China in May 2002 at 14 months. She is now 7. She has beeen a trooper handling what we have been dealing with. soon after the first chemo did you lose your hair? Trying to be mentally prepared. Anna, our daughter, could care less about not having hair! She will not wear hats/scarves. She is always stylin' in her headbands!

Prayers to all of you! We will beat this!



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    Welcome to a very special and brave family!
    Wow! Talk about bravery - your family has it in abundance! What an amazing story, and it really shows that God was watching out for those two little girls, and you as well.
    Welcome to our group, and sorry it has to be under these circumstances. The good news is that you are Stage II - that helps a lot. As for your hair, you can expect to lose it at three weeks. It will come out in gobs everywhere, so you might want to get it shaved off before then. Be sure to check out your local American Cancer Society - you might be able to get free wigs and/or hats and turbans. Also see if you can find a Look Good, Feel Better program - they give you lots of free makeup and great makeup advice. You probably know a lot of this already, given your experience with your daughter.
    Please know that you, both your daughters, and your family will be in our prayers. It sounds like both of you are well on your way to beating down the beast of cancer. When you get those days that you are tired of always showing the brave face, please come here to vent and let your frustrations out a little. We understand and will support you.
    Oh, by the way, I am Stage IIIC, and on my first recurrence. As it so happens, I was initially diagnosed on Nov. 7th as well, in 2005.
    Sending you lots of hugs and prayers and love,
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    Welcome Lisa
    Hi Lisa, welcome to the club none of us wanted to belong to! I'm glad you found this board, it will be a great encouragement to you. The Onco nurse told me my hair would fall out 14 days after my first dose of Taxol. Almost to the day, my hair follicles began to hurt and hair started falling out. Following the suggestion of many who have gone before, I went in and had it shaved off. I did shave it in the shower every day after that to keep away the stubble. Just felt better to me to have a smooth head. In summer, I go bald a lot, although I wear my wig (I find the short ones don't even look like wigs as much) but since it is very cold here, I need to wear hats inside, including one at night. the worst part for me was loosing my eye lashes. I kept getting gunk in my eyes with so protection there! I tried using false ones, but what a hassle to put on!!

    Thanks for sharing the story about your daughters. I have three children who were adopted. The last two are Japanese twins. (Just turned 11 on Friday!) They have all been a huge blessing and I forget I haven't birth them.

    Hugs and Prayers,
    in Japan
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    I too welcome you, Lisa. This is a wonderful support group with lots of wisdom and experience. My hair started falling out on day 13. My husband shaved me that day and within 2 more days I was totally bald (I would stand in the shower and get as much off my head those two days as I could). I bought my wig at Chic Wigs and no one has ever thought it was a wig! But I have had to get another since I forgot to take it off when I grilled this summer and had singed bangs - well it took me twice to realize what I was doing!!

    God is amazing and He does answer prayer. I was diagnosed stage 3C January 28, 2008 and during my November appointment my ONC/GYN told me I am in remission. Granted she gave me the statistics of reoccurence with my stage and rest of data from pathology, etc. but I have learned in life that God is the one in control of when we are to go home to Him.

    Yes, chemo is tiring, but your positive attitude is half the battle. Remember "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine"................take care and God Bless you and your family.

    In His Grip,
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    Dearest Lisa, I also want to say welcome and how wonderful you found everyone early on. I think I came here a day short of a year after I was diagnosed. A great source or support, knowledge, love and encouragement, in other words an amazing group of women.

    I think most people lose their hair right after the second treatment, sometimes right before but for sure right after. I know there are amazing wigs out there but I have always done scarves/bandanas and hats or when it is warm my bald head. :-) I have been on chemo for almost 6 years now and have been bald several times, this last time I wanted to do a henna tattoo on my head but had to stay out of public places(had a transplant of my son's NK cells). Whatever you do I am sure you will look marvelous!!

    Sending lots of prayers and hugs back to you. Bonnie
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    This website is a neverending wealth of inspiration and hope. And you have just added more! I can see that the Lord is blessing you with strength, hope and joy, even in the midst of your many, many trials. I know He will continue to do so.

    Well, you've had some good answers to your questions. I agree - almost exactly on day 21 I began losing my hair, sections at a time. I woke up one morning feeling as though I had been wearing a hat or barrettes for days. You know, how they kind of make your head sore? I did get a couple of wigs to alternate to wear to work and other events. But at home I just wore my turban, scarves, and sometimes it felt good to wear nothing.

    At my recurrance, I just had my hairdresser buzz it off. It actually looked quite good! But then I also lost some 'patches' after that. Either way, it will grow back. The bright side? I didn't have to shave my legs or underarms!

    Well, let us know if you need any suggestions for the carbo/taxol side affects. As for you and your daughter, I will be praying for continued progress and restored health. Both of you are courageous warriors through all of this. And your family sounds like a wonderful support system. Luv to all of you.

    Hugs, Luv and Prayers!
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    Welcome Lisa
    Welcome to the group,I know you'll make lots of life long friends here. you certainly have more than your fair share of cancer right now. I'm so in awe of your daughter...we all worry about our hair,we should take a lesson from her book on that.
    I can't add any thing else to what the other ladies have told you so far. I missed my hair and had it shaved when it began to come out. For me it gave me some sort of feeling like I was in control of at least one thing..but at the same time I finally looked sick which made an impact on me and serious this diangnosis was. I know it was all the prayers I said and all the prayers that were said on my behalf that got me through thus far.

    I'm a 4 year survivor currently on my 3rd recurrence. I'm a stage are lucky to have a stage 2..I hope all goes well and please post any and all difficulties you might be having. (((hugz))) and welcome~~~Joanne
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    Sorry to have to meet under these circumstances, but welcome to the board. The ladies on here are a great source of inspiration and hope.

    As for the hair loss, I started losing mine by day 17.

    Both you and your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers!