relief from Doxil rash

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My sister is about to have her 2nd treatment of Doxil. I'm glad I found this site because I was able to tell her the rash she has is normal. She tried aloe (broke a piece off the plant and rubbed it on) and she said it worked great and the rash is going away. It took away the itch also.


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    Thanks for the report
    This is good to know. I keep it in the kitchen for burns there. Will file this away for future references.
    ((Hugs)) Saundra
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    Doxil Rash
    Just an fyi the rash gets worse each dose and usually you don't see it after only one dose. Make sure she doesn't wear anything that rubs during this time, that she has ice chips during infusion and avoids anything for the week or so after treatment, starting the day of infusion. Instant ocean added to cool water to soak her feet and hands in really helps too. Also the original Eucerin creme. Thanks for the tip on aloe plant. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
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    I agree with Bonnie. I just had my 3rd treatment of Doxil and have 3 more to go. I ice my hands and ankles during infusion. I have had an awful rash on my back, chest, thighs and sores under my breast. I also use Bag Balm besides Eucerin.I took all the advise from the women on here. Thank God I didn't get the hand and foot syndrome.The more treatments the worse it can get.For 7 days after treatment I don't do anything. Please tell your sister to be careful.
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