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Hello Ladies...Well, I don't know if any of you will remember me, but I will recap briefly...

I joined the forum way back in 2005 for my Mom who had end stage ovarian cancer. I was her caregiver for the 18 months she survived. Last October I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Took care of it via a lumpectomy, and 36 radiation treatments. Spent lots of time on the breast cancer board.

Went to the gyno for a routine checkup. Found a cyst on left ovary. Wanted to do Da Vinci surgery, could not because cyst had attached to wall of abdomen. Had abdominal hysterectomy on October 28. Initial path report was sent out for second opinions.

Path report came back as low malignancy potential, endometeriod arising from borderline tumor. Doctor has now scheduled me for staging surgery one week from today, the 16th of December.

Doctor feels confident that cancer has been caught early. And from all that I have read, this type is "treatable". Postponing the surgery is out for two, my medical benefits end next month as I am unemployed...another story.. and two, due to Mom's cancer, I don't think I should delay the surgery any longer.

If anyone has any suggestions or words to send my way, it will be much appreciated. I have popped in to read the board from time to time, but I did not have a reason to post until now. Thanks ladies...Cindy


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    Prayers coming your way
    Dear Cindy, I have come on since you were here for your mother. You sound like you are doing all the right things. The staging surgery may be more than the last because they really want to take a good look. This should be done by a gyn/onc for the best results, I read.

    Sounds like you on on this way ahead of the rest of us because of you experience and that is a good thing.

    Love, Saundra
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    Newly Diagnosed
    Hi Cindy,
    First let me say welcome, and congratulations on being a breast cancer survivor,but also sorry we have to meet under these new circumstances. I would not delay surgery. Having a good Gyn/Onco is #1 and very important. Living with this disease is hard, some of us go into remission and then there are some of us who seem to never come off chemo, but we all are still here and living. Having this support group and the many others out there also help. This disease may not be curable, but it is treatable!! I pray to God a lot for strength to make it another day, and for all of us affected by this awful disease. I was diagnosed 2/22/08 stage 3C, had surgery and I am still in treatment. Hang in there you will have a lot of OVCA sisters who will pray for you. Have a good Christmas, and a Happy Healthy New Year.
    Hugs and Prayers,
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    Prayer Chain
    Hi Cindy, Just wanted to say I am sending lots of prayers your way too! Hugs Bonnie
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    Prayer Chain
    sorry must be double clicking the mouse without knowing it.
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    Insurance issue

    I am so sorry that you are having to go through this and deal with insurance and employment issues as well. I am going to suggest that you contact your doctor's office and see if they can get you information on your state's Medicaid program. It is a low income insurance program that each state administers and you should be eligible since you are unemployed. It is wise to start now since, at least in Oregon, there is a waiting list. Doctors offices are very knowledgeable in this area and they often even have the applications for you to fill out. You do need some type of insurance in the future even if this is an early stage cancer. You also have extended benefits available from the insurance plan you have now under COBRA. The only problem with COBRA is that you have to pay the entire cost of your insurance on your own and that can be expensive. Wishing you the best,

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    Good to hear from you again, Cindy. Sorry the news wasn't all good, but it sounds very encouraging that this was caught early. It's unfortunate you can't wait till after the holidays for the surgery, but what a relief it will be to get this over and done with, and be able to move on. You have been so proactive, not only in your mother's caregiving, but your own health and circumstances. It sounds like you are right on top of this and it sounds as thought you will be just fine.

    Please let us know. Take those suggestions on the insurance situation. Sorry to hear you will lose yours. These are tough times for so many. I'm hoping and praying for good days ahead. For now, we must just live in the moment and enjoy and focus on our many blessings.

    Luv, Hugs AND Prayer!