New Patient with Liver Cancer

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On 11/06/08 I had my 3rd treatment of FOXFLO 5FU, and I will have my first Scan since treatment,on 12/01/08, after my 4th treatment on 11/20/08. I guess what I really want to know if the treatment I'm getting is going to work on the temors I have. Please advise me with whatever information you can share.

Thank you so much


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    Hi Mssha134,
    Sorry to hear about your illness.
    I do not know much about those meds. My dad is taking Nexavar for his Liver cancer. He had tremors, but it was due to his sodium levels being low.
    You might want to send the question directly to the American Cancer Society and i'm sure someone expert on this will be better able to answer your question. Blessings to you.