Free House Cleaning for Ladies on Chemo

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I was reading the site on Monday and noticed a link to a organization called."" It offers free house cleaning for ladies on chemo. So I went to the site,and read up on it. Then I checked and got excited when I saw there were 3 companies here in Pensacola that would do the cleaning. I filled in the online application and the waiver. On Monday I was contacted by the organization. I needed to have my Onc fax a simple note to them stating I had cancer and was on current chemo. My Onc did this today. I then heard back from the organization telling me I had been accepted and should hear from the cleaning company in a week...well I heard from them already today. I'm to have a 2 hour/2 girl cleaning done for my house 1 time a month for 4 months!!! Is this not incredible news....I know for me,feeling as sick as I do and then on top of it looking at my dirty house makes me feel evn worse!!! This is a true gift..espcially during this time of the sister is having alot of family over for Thanksgiving,so my apt. is right next to her..which means I'll have alot of company too. I feel so good knowing at least my house will look good (even if I don't right now...I'm coming up to 27 lbs lost in 9 weeks) I hope you all can use this service or know someone who might!!!


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    Thanks for the words
    That's a great service for you. Saundra
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    Free Cleaning
    What a great service! We all know what it's like to have to do housecleaning along with chemo treatments. It's not easy.
    I went to their web site and found that there aren't any cleaners in my area who participate. I'm happy for you to get this service, one less thing for you to worry about. I hope that you start to feel better soon.
    Hugs and Prayers,
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    Good for you
    Hey Joanne, I hope you are able to utilize them as much they allow. I know there are few in MN but not up by us. This chick lives in sticks and the grocery store is 10 miles. :-)