Surgery What to Expect????

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I went to see my ob-onco, I was nervious but after revewing my histor and curret CA125 numbers the only option she could offer was a complete Hestorectomy, with removeral of overies and falopion tubes.
Iam very nervous not sure what to expect after surgery, I cant take hormones, I just finished AC-T with a bilateral mastorectomy, I had a stage 3 tumomer in my right brest with stage 1 in my left breast, 3wks ago I had my expanders taken out and sicilocon implants put in and still havent had tatoo or nipple flaps done. Also Im 34 with a 22mth old going through a divorce, husband couldnt take cancer diagnoses or treatment.
Any advice on what to expect, menopause and such, my nieboor had one and she is suffering from painfull side effects and hormone problems and hers was done 4mths ago, she did have endromethioes,sp* removed and nerve damage.


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    Take a deep breath
    Heather - you have so much going on in your life and I'm so sorry that you have to deal with a whole new set of issues with possible ovarian cancer on top of everything else. Don't worry about the hormone stuff - you can't take it anyway with ovarian cancer - it's an estrogen based cancer. There are things they can give you to help with side effects of a hysterectomy. I was lucky and didn't really have any of the things that people tell horror stories about. A few night sweats here and there - but that's about it.

    Do they have you on any anxiety or anti-depressive meds right now? You could probably use them so help keep your emotions on an even keel. Do you have support from friends and family? Someone that can help with the baby to give you a break? Someone that can go to the doctor with you and write down the answers to all your questions? I can only imagine the fear you must be feeling knowing that you just had breast cancer and all it entails. But you made it through that and you will make it through this. Keep posting. Take people's offer of support or assistance whenever it is offered. Remember that you ARE NOT the cancer - you are still Heather and you matter.

    When I was diagnosed with OVCA in July of 2007 the doctors kept reminding me that my cancer is not the same as someone else's cancer. Everyone responds differently to the meds, the surgery, the after effects, etc - so just because your neighbor experienced horrible things does not mean that you will.

    You will get wonderful support on this website. Please let us know how things turn out, come here often, ask questions, rant and rave, and know that there will be a lot of people praying for you even before you ask for it. This site has been a life saver to me many times over.

    Take good care. Sending a hug.

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    Sounds scary but you can adjust to hysterectomy
    Heather, I was 51 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. They took out my uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and appendix. I felt so empty emotionally at first and felt weird physically but after awhile I adjusted ok. I had staples running from above my belly button downwards. Once the staples were taken out, it was alot better but I had to wait for the steri-strips to come loose before I could take a normal bath. At least I could wear jeans with the steri-strips. With the staples I had to wear pj bottoms and sweatpants. I did have some night sweats at first but not too bad. Some hot flashes also but I had them already before the surgery. I think the worst thing was emotionally because the parts taken out were where I carried my 3 children and made it possible to have them. I mourned for the loss of those parts of me that I probably took for granted for so many years. I was finished having kids but for you, at your age, you might have wanted to have more children. I'm so sorry your husband wasn't supportive. I was single. I think it would have been harder to go thru being left by the one who is supposed to love you and care for you. Your little girl needs you--keep that in mind. My daughter was 12 and still needed me. Even now she does. She is a freshman in high school. That keeps me going! Take care and good luck.
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    Dear Heather, we are all sorry that you have to deal with this so soon after the breast cancer. Taxol is given for ovarian too, so maybe you will have a blessing of having your doses of that keep the ovarian down too.
    Also, maybe the hysterectomy is preventative and you don't have any ovarian cancer cells at all. Surgery will tell and I'll pray for that. Just keep reminding yourself that everyone has different experiences with the loss of hormones and you will to. Your experience will be uniquely just for you and don't buy trouble before it knocks at your door. It is just like having your period compared to everyone else. Some of us have heavy ones and some light. Meanwhile, we are here for your questions and supporting you. You are not alone. (((Hugs and Prayers))) Saundra
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    I just had a major surgery
    I just had a major surgery on October 2 - what I know 8 stuffs were removed (ovaries/tubes/cervix/lymp nodes) and am going to chemo on Nov 17 for I was diagnosed Stage Ic. I just subscribed to the network today for I a scared. We can talk..Thks
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    Dear Heather,

    You have heard from some of the other women about the surgery and chemo. I am just sending hugs ♥ prayers. Come here often, as you can see there is so much compassion, caring, sharing, knowledge and love everyone has to give. :-) Bonnie
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    MJ said:

    I just had a major surgery
    I just had a major surgery on October 2 - what I know 8 stuffs were removed (ovaries/tubes/cervix/lymp nodes) and am going to chemo on Nov 17 for I was diagnosed Stage Ic. I just subscribed to the network today for I a scared. We can talk..Thks

    Welcome MJ
    Dear MJ, so glad this found this site and right before you started chemo. Sorry you have to be here though. I ditto the message to you that I left for heather. HUGS ♥ PRAYERS Bonnie