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I had a mastectomy on Sept. 18. On October 8 I had an accident in which I slid all the way down my stairs. Several days ago I noticed a swelling (not a lump) on my back (I should also say that I had lat flap reconstructive surgery, which involves taking a muscle from the back). I asked my plastic surgeon if this was fluid building up and he said no, that this has nothing to do with the plastic surgery. He thought it was overkill, but that if I wanted to be sure I could have an MRI of my back. Unfortunately, with the info the plastic surgeon provided to the insurance company, they would not approve the MRI. I now have appts. to see my primary care doctor, breast surgeon, and oncologist, and will ask all of them what they think about the swelling. I did email my oncologist who said he will look at it when he sees me, but that most likely it's a soft tissue injury from the fall. I was also wearing a girdle as a compression garment because fluid was building up on the OTHER side of my back (not where the lump is, I had two mastectomies at two different times), and since it was very uncomfortable, am wondering if the girdle could have irritated my back. I am waiting to see what my doctors say, but I am terrified of lumps and bumps and that it could be cancer. It's too bad my insurance will not pay for an MRI. Any thoughts? Ohilly


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    Back bump!
    Hi Ohilly! Sounds to me like you bruised your back when you fell and it has become swollen. Haven't you ever banged your finger or stubbed your toe or sprained your ankle? It's no different than that except it's a more tender area since surgery and a larger area. I would be diligent in monitoring it and the size of the swelling and maybe try some cold on it(be careful not too cold as the sensation might be a bit lessened)and see if in time it doesn't go down. If it gets larger, of course I would have it checked out. Good luck and let us know how you make out! HUGS!!! Cathy
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    I agree with the previous
    I agree with the previous response. I think it is very easy for us to become very sensetive to minor changes in our bodies after all the stresses of cancer. Cancer and it's treatments does not make us immune to the everyday injuries everyone gets. Falling on stairs is certainly a sufficient reason to have a bump, anywhere on the body...like a lump on the head when you bump it getting into the car (I've done that). I think if you just keep your eye on it, it should heal up...maybe after it turns into a bruise? I wouldn't worry unless it refuses to get better after several days.

    Best wishes, seof