Veginal cyst - atypical pap results

Hi everyone,

It has been a few months now that my wife (29yrs old) has noticed that there was a lump (maybe size of a golf ball) on the inner right lip side of her vegina

She went to see her family doctor and the doctor told her it's most probably a cyst called Bartholin cyst and reffered her to a gynocologist

Recently she did a pap test and results came back atypical-POSITIVE

Doctor thinks it could be because of the presence of the cyst.

Iam very worried! as next week she has an appointment with her gyn. and even though her family doctor told her to not worry as this is being very common in women of her age group but she did mention that her gyn. may do a biopsy and then she also talked about a surgery to remove the cyst and stay in the hopistal for a night or 2?

Has anyone else had something similar?I did my re-search about bartholin cyst and most of the times they drain the liquide but I haven't heard people getting hospitalized for it




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