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hi everyone........i hope all is doing as good as we can be........

again, i have another question.....sorry, i really have NO ONE else to talk to about this so it's going to be you ladies, or my dr., but i have to wait to see them. so you ladies are it if you don't mind.

today, (wed. the 24) was week #2 for the radiation. i took a quick look at my breast earlier, since i hate looking at it now since it looks so ugly, anyway......do any of you or did any of you going through radiation, realizing that the nipple area has changed in color, shape and size. when this radiation thing is over with, i would be able to get reconstructive surgery, am i right? i had a lumpectomy the end of april, and excision done early july, and two weeks ago started the radiation. i hope i wouldn't have to live the rest of my life with such an ugly breast. so if you can give me some feedback on the color, size and shape info, i would appreciate that and also if you know about any kind of reconstructive surgery for that breast.

thank you all my sisters,

blessing, hugs and prayers for all of you,



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    I had 33 rads on my breast, and the nipple area remains darker in color, and the skin is leathery,and wrinkled, all around the nipple. That was 3 years ago, and hasn't changed in appearance. When I go for my mammo's, the woman doing it always tells me I can see the effects of the radiation, but it doesn't bother me at all. It did shrink the size of that breast, so my semetry is off some, but for me, it just isn't an issue. I know everyone is different, and like you, I don't discuss this with any one except the brave women on this site. I really think it is a normal reaction to the rads, but maybe someone else with reply with a different story. Hang in there, and keep in touch.
    bev49 :O)
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    Breast Reconstruction
    Hi Janny

    Five years ago I had a lumpectomy followed by chemo and 33 rads. Since I had quiet a size difference in my breast I opted for reconstruction on lumpectomy side and reduction on the other breast. I had to wait one year after the last radiation treatment to have surgery. I am (was) very large breasted and they reduced the size of the nipple quiet a bit. Although the skin was leathery and hard it healed fine. I actually had one plastic surgeon refuse to do surgery on me because of the rads. I am very pleased with the outcome and yes I would do it all over again. (The color will improve with time.)
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    unmatched nipples
    I also had a lumpectomy and radiation and notice a difference with my nipple too. I had partial breast radiation just to the tumor bed and still there is a noticeable change. My cancer side aerola is now smaller, darker and a bit wrinkled. And there is a blue vein that has appeared at the nipple and extends upwards. This was never there before and the docs said it is a vein that has re-routed itself due to the surgery. I know how you feel, this bothers me too. I guess whenever we look at our breasts and feel bad, we should remind ourselves how lucky we are to still have our breasts. Its still hard though.....