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Facing 4th surgery for breast reconstruction. Had expander at masectemy,then silicon gel implant, then a revision, and next the nipple? My plastic surgeon suggested using the areola tissue of the good breast. I am nervous about tampering with a good breast. Can anyone comment?


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    I had a mastectomy with immediate tram reconstruction. Different from your situation but I wouldn't feel comfortable taking the tissue from a healthy breast. They actually used a patch of skin from my stomach to make the area where the areola and nipple would be. They made a few incisions in that patch to create the nipple then a tattoo to match the remaining looks very natural and most wouldn't know it wasn't my own nipple. The only drawback about the tattoo is that it fades and needs to be touched up after about a year.
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    Hi Neetco: I also had a mastectomy and tram reconstruction, although different from your situation, my dr used skin from my hip area to reconstruct the nipple. I am now waiting for it to heal so that I can get the tattoo. I don't think I would let him touch my healthy nipple to reconstruct the other one, as there are many places he can get extra skin from. Luck to you and hugs, Lili
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    Hi neetco,
    I don't think I would feel good about using tissue from the good breast. I opted for the tram flap reconstruction surgery. My doctor used the existing tissue on the new reconstructed breast to create the nipple! I will get my nipple tattoo in October. My new breast has scars on it so it looks less than perfect but the best they could do for me. My plastic surgeon also gave my good breast an uplift! Only you can make these decisions for yourself. I would talk to your plastic surgeon and let him know that you are apprehensive. Wishing you all of the best in the future. Gloria