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Hello Everyone,
Please share your opinion about genetic testing (BRCA1 / BRCA2).
Is there anyone that decided that they need their genes to be tested?
How important is this to you. I had left breast mastectomy, my mother
also had breast cancer (she passed away 8 years ago). I have 2 children,
both girls. I'm currently taking Tamoxifen and so far doing good. I'm back
to work and my energy also came back. I will appreciate all responses.
God bless, Liz


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    I just got tested because I
    I just got tested because I was needing a 2nd surgery. I wanted to prevent a third surgery. I have a lot of cancer on my dad's side, my grandmother and great grandmother had breast cancer. The bcra is also helpful if you have alot of men with cancer in the family with either colon or prostate cancer ( I can not remember which is was). Anyway for me the high risk in our family and having a daughter made the choice for me a no brainer. I am young and want to live so a double mastecomy seems like a great trade for life and not having to go through all the treatment again (if the test came back postive). My test actually came back negative so I can have a little piece of mind for me and for my daughter.

    If you haven't already visit the website and they have a test to help you make your decision.
    The website is

    Hope that help. Have a good day:)
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    BRCA testing
    Liz, I had a mastectomy because of invasive intraductal in my left breast and went thru chemo. After all this I got my BRCA results and it turns out I am BRCA 1. I will have a preventive mastectomy on the other breast on Sept. 18 and I already had my ovaries removed years ago because of fibroids. I would strongly recommended getting the test: it is not that expensive and insurance usually covers it. Also, the way I looked at it: there would be no point in getting tested or finding out you have hereditary cancer if there was nothing you could do, but there IS! If you find out you have the BRCA gene, you can reduce your risk by 90% by getting a preventive mastectomy, and if you don't want to do that, you could choose to be monitored more closely. I believe in taking action, so I did decide to get tested and I'm glad I did. I have adopted children, but if I had biological children I would also want to know for them because they would have a 50% chance of inheriting the gene. Hope this helps. Of course it is a personal decision. Good luck. Ohilly
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    Liz, I am the fourth person in my family to have breast cancer so I was advisted during treatment to be tested for the Brca gene. I decided that even though a positive result would not have changed my treatment decisions(I had a lumpectomy) I would do it because then they would know to watch me even more closely. My result was negative and it has given me more peace of mind. Because having had breast cancer raises my risk for ovarian cancer, and I am taking tamoxifen, my gynecologist does an intravaginal ultrasound yearly. You have to decide if knowing the results will give you more peace and/or alter your treatment. I did it because of my family history. Good luck.