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My brother Mark asked his oncologist for a referral and has an appointment with a dietician on Tuesday. He has been fighting colon cancer for almost four years and it is now in his lymph nodes, abdomen, liver, and rectum. He has had surgeries and chemos. The latest clinical trial (Stage I) nearly killed him. He is now taking a break to recuperate and regain his strength. He spoke with his oncologist and decided it was time to go on disability from work, stop chemo, and any tests he doesn't want to do. Rest and try to enjoy life. He has seen an Immunologist and is still thinking about the program presented at that clinic which includes massage thereapy, Vit. C and supplement IV, nutrition/supplements, and infrared therapy. This is at a cost of $5,900 per week for a 4 week regime. ($26,000 total) While he is thinking about this he has decided to see the dietician. Here are some questions I'm thinking to ask the dietician:

For his particular colon cancer:

Is there a protocol or recommendation for immunotherapy and detoxification?

What foods and supplements can help him build his immune system and strengthen his cancer fighting cells?

Are there foods and supplements to help shrink the tumors?

Are there other recommended therapies such as massage or infrared?

If any of the supplements, IV, or therapies are not available through the dietician and his medical plan/insurance, but are thought to be possibly helpful.....are there any Naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists, or other alternative health clinics in his area (understanding that he wiould have to pay for it out of pocket)? I think my brother would prefer someplace that is more on an outpatient basis than the almost inpatient M-F all day regime of the Immunologist's clinic which I described above.

Can anyone else think of questions for the dietician that I have not addressed? Thank you for any advice you may have.


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    I think you have a pretty complete list. The only thing I can think of adding is a discussion with the dietician about what your brother can do generally to recuperate and regain his strength from the recent clinical trial that was so hard on him. This might be particularly important if he's lost much weight and if his appetite is poor and/or if he's developed aversions to particular foods. When I first started chemotherapy, a number of foods that I'd Iiked before, e.g., salmon, eggs, peanut butter, really turned me off. I'm a metastatic colon cancer patient and have been on FolFuri and Erbitux for over a year -- and find that I have some difficulty keeping my weight up, so I pay particular attention to getting enough protein and adequate healthy fats. One good protein supplement suggestion I got from a dietician several years ago was Carnation Instant Breakfast -- not too expensive and tastes pretty good.

    I found a web site you might find helpful that I feel has good information on nutrition -- as well as a lot of other valuable cancer info -- Cancer Research UK (www.cancerresearchuk.org).

    I wish the best to you and your brother.