Cancer of the tongue

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Hi all I'm a survivor of this cancer by the grace of God.It's 5 years since I went thru my hell.Anyone out there with this type of cancer?


  • soccerfreaks
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    Congratulations! Five years is certainly an impressive benchmark for you. I hope that all is going well.

    I had surgery in October of '05, half of tongue replaced with nerves, muscle, tissue, from left arm, along with a radical neck dissection. All of this followed by radiation and chemo, of course. On January 31 of this year I had a lobectomy of lowest lobe in right lung, as a node was detected there which proved to be malignant. So far, since then, all appears to be well.

    Again, congratulations!

    Take care,

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a milestone!
  • BugHunter
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    Hi sassy
    Five years, hope I can breath easier at that time! They two years is another milestone of sorts but five seams to be everything.
    (my cancer was in my rt tonsil and nodes)