My first Relay for Life

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Hello Everybody,
I attended my very first Relay for Life last night. I went there not knowing what to expect. It was a great experience being welcomed and honored. When we did the opening survivor lap, it was so emotional. I can't help my self and cried while everyone where clapping and applauding during our walk. I meet some fellow survivors and heard their amazing stories. One lady is a survivor for 24 years and still working,driving and living her life to the fullest(she's 72 years young). I also meet some 5 and 10 years survivors. We are already talking about coming next year and forming a team. Cancer really affect peoples lives but what the Relay for Life said CELEBRATE, REMEMBER, FIGHT BACK. I did that last night and I will remember every minute of it. God bless everybody. Liz


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    What experience!!! I'm going to do my fist RELAY FOR LIFE this afternoon. The survivor lap is going to be at 7.30pm.
    I'm really so happy I'm able to do it, I thought it was not going to be because of the chemo treatments, but the date just came in between so I'm ready to go.
    Thank you for sharing!
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    WHOOOO-HOOO Liz! I know how emotional it is~ and yet empowering at the same time, isn't it? I hope you stayed for the Luminarias, they really are the capper of the experience.

    Congratulations on your first Relay, and may it be the start of many many more! And btw wouldn't it be AWESOME to eventually attend a Relay with only Survivors??? No In Memory Of needed , just To Honor Surviving!

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    Hi Liz, I also attended my first Relay the same night you did and how emotional it was. I cried through out my survivor lap and when I walked the second lap with my husband who has given me an enormous amount of strength through this whole ordeal. I was there with my son's gym teacher from 6th grade who was diagnosed that year and is now a 6 year survivor. I also met many wonderful survivors and heard many courageous stories of some that did not make it but were being honored by their families. It was a very humbling experience for me and I will be forming my own team next year. God bless you too. Hugs, Lili
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    My 1st walk was the 21st, hoping to make the survivor walk in July