Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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Well here I am again asking for your support and prayers. I used to be active on this site 5 years ago when I had my mastectomy on left side. Well have recently been told I have inflammatory breast cancer on right side and it is also in my hips and pelvic area. Have just finished with radiation on pelvis and hip. Not sure if this was a success. I still have alot of pain and going for Hormonal therapy using Faslodex and Zomenta. My question is has anyone else had this treatment and feel it really helped them. I have to say so far I feel like my cancer has gotten worse instead of better. I also have a blood clot in my right leg and when and if they can stop the bone cancer we will have to make a decision on doing a mastectomy. My surgeon doesn't want to do it till blood clot is gone. I have had the clot since January and show no sign of clot breaking up. Has anyone else dealt with this issure. I hope I can hear from you and you have good feedback for me. I love reading this site and hope to make new friends once again. You are all in my prayers.

thank you in advance for your feedback,



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    I am sorry you are going through all this, and I'm sorry I have no experience or advice to offer, other than talk to your Dr., which you are already doing. I hate to see posts on this site with 0 replies. you are in our prayers, and I hope there are others who can give you more help.

    Take care of yourself, seof.
  • Well, I don't have any first hand knowledge to share but I sure hope I can be a friend. I will follow your posts and help anytime I can. love, Joyce
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    Hi Terry:
    So sorry you are going through this. I don't have this type of cancer but I know there are a few women on this board that do. I'm hoping they sign on and see your post to be able to offer you some advice. In the mean time know that you are in my prayers. (((((HUGS))))) Lili
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    Seof and Joycelouise,

    Thank you so much for responding to me. Your support means alot to me and I hope to get to know you both better.

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    Huggs to you Terry. You are indeed going through a rough time. My prayers are with you. I wish I could help too but this is not my type of cancer either.

    Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.
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    Hello Terry,

    So sorry that you have to go through this again. I will be keeping you in my daily prayers!

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    I am sorry to hear about your reoccurance. I know about blood clots and I know that you are not supposed to take hormones, I know you need them for your treatment so your doctors can probably give you medication to prevent you from clotting while on the hormones. Your doctor might be able to give you heparin to dissolve it. It is very important that you get the clot treated because it will move and you don't want that. You may have to go to a hematologist. Please let us know how you are. You are in my prayers and I wish you the best.