what to ask anestisiologist(sp?) Verced?

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someone wrote a post about twilite med they called verced any other tips or info i got to meet with them for tests befor my peg and port operation
Thank you Victor Brown


  • lolojldunn
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    Hi Victor. I was given Verced twice. Once prior to my tonsilectomy and the other time when my PEG tube was inserted. If my memory is correct, It is a liquid that is injected into the IV that is hooked up prior to you going into surgery. I didn't have any side effect issues with Verced. It's a matter of fact, lights out type drug. I don't know what kind of side effects are possible. I would strongly recommend that you discuss any possible concerns you might have about Verced with your Docs. I was very fortunate in that all of my Docs were absolutely super about answering questions. They didn't use thirty dollar medical terms that I didn't understand. Everything was reduced to "Cancer treatments for Dumbies". Believe me when I tell you that I needed those kind of explanations. I want to wish you the very best. Hang in there and make sure that you understand evertything that your Docs. are attempting to tell you. Your the patient and EVERYTHING must be perfectly clear in your mind before they subject you to something that you don't understand. God speed. Your in my thoughts and prayers.