Blood sugar rises during chemo

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A week after my 2nd chemo (taxotere/cytoxan), my onco called me saying she and my other doctor were talking about my blood sugar which rises to more than 300. I tried to eat 6 small meals, stay away from sweet and also exercise (walking).
But still I am getting such very high blood sugar reading. Is someone out there that also have type2 diabetes and getting chemo? Maybe you can share what kind of diet are you in right now. My 3rd chemo is on Friday and the Dr prescribed Prandin 30 minutes before each meal in addition to my Glocovance which is 2 tablets morning and night time (they also increased the doses).

It is very frustrating that even you have done everything you are asked to do, it seems that everything is going out of the control. God bless.



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    I am sorry I have no words of wisdom for you. It sounds like the Drs. are doing their best to stay on top of things, and you are doing what they tell you to do. You are working as a team, doing the best you can.

    Sorry you are having to go through this difficulty along with all the other challenges from cancer.

    You are in our prayers, seof.
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    Liz, you can do a search of past posts on this site and use the key word diabetes to see if someone in the past has written on this topic. I hope you find some answers. I certainly send you some hugs. love, Joyce