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hi all i'm back from Spain. We had a great time although it was a little cool for us use to warm weather in Mexico. My Mom had her 3rd cycle last week and Dr. has ordered a CA-125 before we continue. I feel my Mom preasures for not having more treatments,I understand it's hard but what worries her most is the costs bc of lack of inssurance, so the Dr. said let's see. I feel 3 treatments are not enough to kick this back for a while, specially when my baby is due November 17th....I would love to have her there with me on that day,that worries me all the time. love all. Liz


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    please take a look at this:


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    Liz, I wrote your baby's due date and will be in prayer for your Mom to BE THERE with you and for you. I hope and pray your Mom gets better and things work out financially with the insurance part of it all. There MUST BE SOMETHING that can be done about this. I'm just now starting a local support group to help women in my area that are facing surgery, had surgery, going through cancer treatments and all. I just went to my first local cancer survivors annual gathering. They get LOTS of money from grants to put this stuff on, so I'm SURE......there's GOT TO BE HELP FOR YOUR MOM.

    I'm totally new at all this stuff and just now was released this past week from my 6 week check up after surgery. I want to take my experience and make a difference to help others. Anything I learn through all this I will pass onto you and others.

    Blessings to you and your family. Sharon :)