Surgery for Jenna went good!

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This is Jesse...I would like to start off by saying we made a date for our wedding! Saturday August 23rd at the outerbanks in north carolina! Im happy to say that Ive taken over the planning which i must say i give credit to the brides to be bc its very very stressful! Okay so update on Jenna:
She had surgery monday morning, and the tumor was cancerous, but they got most of it removed so she gets this week to recover and next wednesday she starts chemo.....she has a port bc they had too many problems with her veins being so small. I will keep everyone posted. Jenna is resting right now. I must say that i love watching her sleep. she looks peaceful and in no pain. Me and our best friends have been switching so i can rest but i must admit i rest more when im here with her. She says hi to all...she will be on here in a couple of days. Thanks for everyones messages and support. It helps alot!!Everyone on here is amazing. Im going to go get something to eat. i love it hear bc they have a kitchen for patients and guests where you can cook your own food. Although jenna has a food tube but soon she will be eating again! I look forward to everyones replies and messages. -Jesse


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    The Outerbanks is a beautiful place to have a wedding! I can't wait to hear all of the plans. I am so glad that Jenna came through the surgery so well. And the port will make it easier for her to have chemo so that is not a bad thing! Thanks for the update and give Jenna our love!
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    Jenna and Jesse - I am so glad to hear that surgery went well, but it must be so hard to hear that the tumor was also cancerous. The port will be a godsend for her - believe me. It is so easy and no more multiple pokes trying to find a "good vein". I use mine to get all of my blood draws from, had chemo through it, can get IV fluids through it - it's a cool thing.

    Congrats on the wedding plans - just hearing where it's going to be sounds wonderful.

    My best to you both. Give Jenna a hug for me. Keep us posted. Take care Jesse.

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    Jesse: Congratulations to both you and Jenna on your engagement. I can feel the excitement in your email. I've been to the Outer Banks. It is gorgeous. Must admit I did some skinny dipping up the shore a ways. A good honeymoon activity? Best to you. I sure relate to your vigils at the hospital. --Chris
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    Jesse thanks for taking the time for the update and congratulations to you both. What a journey you have been on together already. Glad she got the port already. You both will continue to be in my prayers. Hugs n Prayers Bonnie
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    Jesse, I've been coming here several times a day to see some good news. I'm so happy this morning, for both of you. I still don't understand why this wasn't addressed earlier, but nonetheless Jenna is now on her way to full recovery. My mother had a port, so I agree with the ladies - it sounds like the best thing for her.

    Also great that wedding plans are underway! Maybe when all is said and done you can post a few photos on this website or send us to a link! Till then, lots of love, hugs, and prayers to you both!
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    Thank you, Jesse, for the good update. I am sorry to hear about the stomach tumor but some chemo can knock out the remainging cells. It has for me... chemo, surgery, chemo in that order has my blood markers and CT scans clear. I will pray that Jenna gets the best "optimum" results for her treatment. She is a warrior and with your fantastic support she will battle and win!!!!
    Good for you and the planning of the upcoming wedding. Most grooms just say "whatever yu want". Your planning will make this very special for Jenna, I'm thinking. HUGS and PRAYERS will continue for you two until the "all clear" message comes. Saundra
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    Wow!! What a beautifull place to have a wedding.Glad to hear that Jenna came through the surgery so good.I have a port , its the best thing ever.Thanks for the update, my best to both of you.
    Sending lots of Hugzs and Prayers your way.
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    I'm so happy to hear about the upcoming nuptials!!! Congrats!!. I am also releived to hear that Jenna is doing well,but sorry to hear the mass was cancer. She'll make it through it fine...she's young and a trooper. I have a port and it has been a godsend,I also have small veins..and it really helps me. Sending (((hugz)))~~Joanne
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    Hi, Jesse!
    Congratulations on your wedding date!!! What a beautiful area - I live within an hour of the Outer Banks, and if there is anything I can do to help (like looking up phone numbers or nearby businesses), let me know and I'll be delighted to help. God bless you for taking over the huge challenge of wedding planning - very few men are willing to tackle that one! I hope Jenna continues to do well in recovery - it will take some time for her to feel anywhere near "normal." With you by her side, I'm sure she will do great! Don't forget to take care of yourself as well - we are all praying for you as well as for Jenna.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that they found cancer. I just wrote to Jenna before we BOTH went in for surgery, because she was concerned. The waiting was the worst part, but I WISH I WAS THERE to help out with Jenna. I don't have family and all my close friends have all moved away, so it was all on my hubby to take off from work with NO PAY to care for me.
    Please........give Jennarose a hug from me and tell her I'm TOTALLY THINKING OF HER with prayers and love. I will be watching for GREAT REPORTS!!!

    Blessings to you ALL who are helping her out! Sharon :)