scared of the unknown

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i have had ovarian cancer for 3 years and it has gotten worse each day - my ca125 is up to 10,000 and i am in pain alot. I am normally a optimistic positive person who does not feel that way now. How can I get back my smile even though I am facing the unknown. This is my first time on here


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    Bless you for being such a warrior. Welcome to this site where you will find many women that have been fighting longer than you and some, like me, that have not so much time. I think we all have our down time and need a boost. I get lots from this discussion group. What stage were you when diagnosed? I am Stage IV and currently on a maintenance dose of Taxol after being declared "no evidence of disease" last Nov. Taking a lower dose of Taxol every four weeks to hopefully increase my remission time. Hope you have something for the pain and that alone can make one pessimistic. (((Hugs))) Saundra
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    Hi, Laurie:
    Can you give us a little background? Age, surgery, stage of cancer, treatment (chemo, etc.)? Do you have a good gynecologic oncologist? It sure is much easier to be optimistic when you're not in pain. So, is the pain from treatment? Tumors? Maybe you can ask for something for pain?
    Well, give us some more info and we'll try to offer some help. As you will see, there are many courageous women here. So we are not short on suggestions and hugs!
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    My goodness, that is simply not fair! I can think of no good reason at all for you to be in pain for 3 years. I agree with the other women who have replied - please, please tell us more about what has been done, what stage you are, and what, if any, pain meds you are on. There has to be something that can help ease your pain. We are here for you, and thank you for reaching out. That takes a lot of courage when you are in pain.
    Sending lots of prayers and hugs and kisses!
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    Hi Laurie,
    I'm just here to say to you that you have a great support system here and many can and will write to you to walk you through. We have ALL been scared of the unknown. I am stage 111 and had my first chemo 4/14.You really need to get in touch with a good gynecologic /oncologist.Best of luck to you and please keep us posted.You are in my prayers.
    Sending lots of HUGZ!
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    Dearest Laurie, So glad you made it to the board. You will definitely find a lot of support here. Have you talked to your Dr about the pain meds not working? When is your next Dr appointment? Living in pain everyday is very difficult, I continue to lift you and Jim in prayer.

    Hugs N Prayers Bonnie