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I thought I was dealing with my cancer real well until two weeks ago. At that time I received word that my brother passed away. He died from lung cancer that had spread to his bones, liver, and brain. What has me in a tailspin is he wasn't dx until two weeks before his death. He only had a pain in his hip. He was also the same age as my mother who also lost her cancer fight. I am 60yrs old,they died at 62. I have an extensive family history of many different cancers. I'm scared this or another cancer will go undetected until its to late. I have been telling myself that I just have to keep on top of my treatments, so anything new will be caught early. It still has me in a funk. How do you know when pains you have had for years need to be checked?


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    Hi Linda

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I know how you feel. I've been in the same tailspin. A lot of cancer death with parents and siblings in their 40s. I too have had those moments of what is this pain about ?- even though I know I've had them before. I assumed that a lot of my symptoms after I finished treatment were psycosomatic and it turned out they weren't - My GI doctor found that my thyroid gland was fried from chemo/RT. The lesson I learned from that is to keep reporting everything. I am much better about those old pains feeling like new symptoms now, but my best advice is to call the nurse or the doctor and get it checked out until you get comfortable with your new body and work through your grief. One of my doctors commented when they discovered it, that he should never doubt any of my wacky interpretations of anything because I know my body and I'm usually right. Trust your instincts and during this period of grief, if you can't trust your instincts check in with the doctor or the nurse.
    Take Care
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    Hey Linda,
    I am sorry to hear of all your loss. I lost both parents to cancer and very familar with the beast. I finished my chemo the last week in June and I agree that any wonder. I try to remember that I need to take each day as a gift and have fun. I do not know what tomorrow will bring and most of the time, I do quite well. Unfortunately, I do get on my "pitypot" every once in a while. My husband and OBF(old best friends) understand this and promise to kick it out from under me after a day or two. If you have pains, call the nurse and get checked out until you get to where you are comfortable with your body. There will be "scares" and to be honest, you will feel better just talking to the nurse. You can have a bone scan, continue with your onco checkups, PET scans. I plan to be the one to survive this our of my family. I am 52 years old and the same age my mom (mybest friend) was dx at this age. All I can do is the best I can, monitor my diet, sugars, etc. www.mayoclinic has a good site with videos and diets to look. If you look at the buttons at the top of the site, you will be amazed. Angela
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    Hi Linda,
    I add my sorrow for you loss. I know what that is like. My son died of the beast in 2000, my father and grandfather also in the 60's. I too get times when I think O MY GOD, WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN? I say this to let you know your feelings are normal and human, and that means you are alive. Enjoy every day and think the best. Just let those bad moments have their second in time and shove them out the door.