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For all of you who have been going thru this with me: I had my mastectomy surgery on Thursday, Feb. 21. At the time the surgeon told me 'the nodes looked clear' but of course she couldn't tell for sure until the final path report comes. Please think of me this Wednesday (Feb. 27) morning as that is when I will get the final results of my path report and (I suppose) the treatment plan. The surgeon told me there can't be that much difference between what she noticed preliminarily and the final report, that the tumor might be slightly larger or there could be a 'smidgin' of lymph node involvement, but it's not like there would be a huge difference. I hope and pray that that is true. Please be thinking of me. Also, I still have a catheter in because I couldn't pee after the operation and I have an appt. with a urologist tomorrow to discuss this, but I am a little encouraged that today I noticed my bowels moving and I was able to go 'number 2!' Please pray for me on Wednesday. Ohilly


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    Waiting for results is not fun! I'm sure the catheter is not either. I had the catheter out right away in the hospital, and had trouble starting the bowel movements. Nurses said it could be slow recovery from the anesthesia, or from the liquid diet I was on 1st 24 hrs. One of them listened to my abdomen and said there seemed to be normal sounds of movement, though nothing seemed ready to come out. I drank lots of water and juice. First day home things were back to normal. I agree that you should go to the urologist just to be sure, but it may not be anything major.

    best wishes, seof
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    Hi Ohilly,

    I am glad your surgery is over and I hope the next few days while you wait for the path report will pass quickly. Keeping you in my prayers.