Avastin Update

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The FDA has now approved Avastin for Breast Cancer.

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  • Joy1216
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    I saw that, too. That's interesting because a friend of mine received Avastin beginning in 06 for breast cancer after a double mastectomy. She was on Avastin for over a year ending in December 07. She also had mets to the lungs. She wasn't in a study, as far as I know.
  • KierstenRx
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    It's amazing how many cancers are being studied with Avastin. I have a customer/friend that has glioblastoma multiforme and has a horrible prognosis. I provided her husband with info that it is being studied in a clinical trial at Duke. While she could not get in that study, her oncologist agreed to let her go on it. She had her first treatment 3 weeks ago. While it may only buy her a few precious weeks/months she is able to think clearly for the first time in weeks. Everyone please say a prayer for my friend Linda, that she may find peace and have a decent quality of life.