6th month check-up

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Hi everyone,
I know I don't post too often but that doesn't mean I don't keep tabs on all of you! I check the board every night after I get home from work. My husbands 6 month check up is this week and I was wondering what to expect. His 3 month was just blood work and we never heard anything so we assumed all was well. He was a stage II, no nodes involved but it did perforate the the colon wall. Did his 6 months of chemo and has been doing great since. Do you think they will do a CT scan this time. He did have 2 spots on both his lungs but they did not light up on the PET when he had that right after chemo. Just wondering. Doing the anxiety thingy right now. Thanks all.


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    I'd guess no CT scan or colonoscopy until he's year past his operation. Mine was stage II penetrating the colon wall, also, and I had only blood work follow-up the first year. (But you're counting months from the end of chemotherapy?)
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    I'll let you know after tomorrow morning...lol...it's my 6 months....of course, this is 3 years since treatment for me....

    Try not to worry too much...my onc said to me that I have had enough radiation to last my entire life, and so she will be VERY sparing on what scans she does...I KNOW I'm past due for a colonoscopy...but my GI gal stopped taking my insurance, and I haven't found anyone that makes me feel comfortable...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I understand the anxiety thing! I would think if he hasn't had a CT scan in 6 months, they may do one now. My positive thoughts and prayers are with you this week!
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    His year from dx was Oct. 31. He did chemo from Jan to June of last year and had his CT and PET in July of last year. Had to have more surgery because 2 spots lit up on the PET but they were just scar tissue from the orignal surgery. So how do you count the years. If I go from his original surgery date he is 1 year and 3 months NED.
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    Hi Sandy.
    Generally I think the doctors start counting from the time of your last "treatment", whether that be chemo, or a surgery. I would call the doctor and ask what he/she is planning to order. If I were you I would ask for a CT at this point to make sure everything is still the same.
    Fellow worrier,
    Susan H.