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Hi can anyone inform me how much is the cost for this study in the USA (in a reliable laboratory). I'm seriously thinking on taking it but in Mexico is costs around 4,500 USD and my insurance won`t pay it. So maybe I might take it is USA. Thanks. Liz


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    Dear Liz, It should be your mom who would first take it to see if she got her cancer from the gene mutate or not. Her insurance is more likely to cover this, and then she does have a brca gene, you could be tested and your insurance would probably pay for it. But if they didn't it then is only a few hundred dollars not thousands because they know exactly what they are looking for. Hope this helps you out.

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    Fortunately, my insurance paid for this test. Mine was about $3,500, but that was including the test for the OVCA gene. My Mom passed away in 2004, and I had this test in 2006. So, I wanted to be tested so that I could have my three daughters tested, if need be. Thankfully, I was negative for both genes.
    I wish you the best. I hope that your doctor write it up so that it will be covered by insurance. I know these tests can be expensive, but hopeully someday they will not charge such outragious fees for medical care.

    Let us know what happens.
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    Liz -I've met with the geneticist also for these genes. Haven't had the test done yet because my insurance won't pay for it -but I'm pretty certain that I am going to appeal the decision. There is only one place in the country that does the test and it's in Colorado or Utah (chemo brain - can't recall exact place) and that's why the cost is so high. They told me $185 for a single site test and $3,185 for the whole thing. Single site testing can be done - but if it's negative for BRCA1 it does not mean that BRCA2 won't be positive. Your mom should be tested first - but in my case, none of my mom's sisters nor my mother have had cancer - but 3 first cousins have had breast cancer at early ages. They say it is rare for daughters to have cancer and none of their mothers.

    You can also try different groups to see if there might be grants available to pay for testing if your insurance won't. A friend told me that my community has such a thing - so I need to look in to that as well.

    Sounds like the gene testing is the next thing that everyone will be having. My doctor is adamant that breast cancer is a preventable cancer and I need to know if I carry the gene. Plus, it's important for your kids and their children plus any sisters and nieces.

    Good luck. Let us know what you find out. Kris
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    A friend of mine helped convince her sister's insurance company to cover her testing by taking her stack of bills to a meeting her sister scheduled with one of the insurer's representatives. It was a successful ploy-they covered the BRCA testing, which was positive, and also a prophylactic oopherectomy for her.
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    BRCA 1 Testing

    I would highly recommend getting the BRCA 1 test, if you are concerned that you have it in your family. I have two daughters. One had the gene and developed breast cancer and the other didn't have the BRCA 1 gene.

    If you have breast cancer from the BRCA 1 gene, the stastics say you have 2 to 3 years to live, if you do all the chemo and radiation possible to attempt to delay the inevitable. The problem with this type of cancer is that it mutates so quickly. A cancer drug may work for a month or two but then it stops. So, you are constantly testing to find which drug can beat it back for a short while and make 2 years into 3 years. My daughter fought it for 2 1/2 years before it got her. She would have been 37.

    Kind regards,