Prayers will help.

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My dad has been diagnosed recently with brain cancer.

It all began with a pretty large bump in his head that started showing on Oct. 2006. We all thought that it wasn't at all serious since my dad was ok at that time and wasn't complaining. It all got serious when blood started to flow from my dad's head. We had it operated 2 months ago and a few weeks later, he started having seizures. A week after his first seizure, my mom brought him to the hospital and the doctors diagnosed him with brain cancer. I immediatly researched about brain cancer since noone in my family had cancer. I thought that he had liver/lung cancer (he has been smoking and driking most of his life) since on my research it says that lung/liver cancer would mostly be a primary cancer of a brain cancer. He had his CT scan, MRI and other laboratory tests to try to find the primary cancer of his brain cancer. 2 days ago they found out that his brain cancer is indeed the mother cancer and he could have gotten it through "melanoma" which is a type of skin cancer (the cause of his "bump" in his head) Hopefully next week (1.22.08) he can have his surgery and have his chemo sessions right away.

Im away from my dad since i'm based here in the US and he is in Asia. I just hope that my dad will surpass this and that he would be better. My dad is my hero and I love him very much. I just can't imagine myself living without him. Pls., to all of you who is reading this, pls. pray for my dad. I believe in prayers and I know that through this, he will be better. Thank you very much!


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    Bless your heart!My mother had a primary brain tumor..GBM was hard!..I will add your dad to my prayer list,
    Hang in there,
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    i also believe in mighty prayer.i myself am a 3x survivor of brain cancer.a less agressive one,but none the less it is still cancer.i will certainly pray for your dad and your whole family that you receive comfort and strength through this trying time. we know that GOD is in control of all things and GOD never leaves us nor forsakes HIS children.HE is our creator wanting to receive all our cares upon HIM.just keep believing and have faith no matter what.GOD BLESS!