Sore incision

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One month after successful RP surgery, my incision wound is healing nicely but it's still really quite sore. Covering it with a cotton pad makes no difference, especially where the waistband covers it, even with sweatpants. Anyone else had this problem?


  • RichardRS
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    Sorry to learn of your discomfort. Did you have robotic or open surgery? Is the soreness on the surface or deep inside?

    I had Robotic surgery a month ago. My skin incisions were sore for about 10 days, one continued to drain and took two weeks to heal. I can still feel some soreness deep inside if I overexert or strain. I have been advised to allow a good 6-8 weeks for the full healing of deep tissue.

    On all these matters I found that the nurses in my urologist's office were very knowledgeable and helpful...and available.