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Hi Everyone...this is franny. It has been 4 years in October since I first posted here. I dont checkin like I used to either. I have lost several friends here as well and sometimes it gets hard not to see their posts. I am still NED and about to have my colonscopy again on January 21. I still get all anxious before this test but I know God is in control not me!

Emily, I Miss seeing your posts. I know you are busy with your kids and I with mine and work, but you are a very knowlegeable woman and I love reading about your experiences and your recommendations. You were one of the first who welcomed me back in 2003 and I took to heart your sincerity.

You new guys, sorry you are here but this board has been a tremendous encouragement and resource to me and will be to you as well.

The main thing is to hang in there and fight your battle the way it is best for you and keep an open mind to all your options!

I wish each of you a wonderful 2008.
Love and prayers


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    hi franny!

    Congrats on your continued NED! you are on your way to cured! :-) (those are hard words to wrap one's mind around sometimes....like we won't really believe it).

    Thank you for you kind words. They are the support I need to hear to keep coming back. Honestly, sometimes I wonder, why bother, I just step on too many toes! haha!

    I do check in sometimes (like today at work-naughty me) but fall so far behind in the posts it's hard to keep up. Bud used to keep me updated on the goings on here but with him gone it's more difficult. For instance, he would have emailed me this post to give me the heads up. I just happened upon it. I sure miss him. :-(

    Good luck on your upcoming colonoscopy. I am a total crab for the week before my tests (and it's not all about the tortuous clean-out either).

    Best wishes in 2008! It's gonna be the best one yet!

    peace, emily who occasionally lurks