A WOnderful Christmas Wish For All of You

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Hello Ladies. I have been lurking around the board reading all you posts. You are some of the most hopeful women I know.I cannot believe that it is now one year since Mom passed. This has been a year of many changes. I know almost all of you have experienced life coming at you way too fast. But all of you enjoy so much the days even if they are full of pain and frustrating at times. I stand in respect of all of you. And I wish you all to continue to enjoy the things and the people that you love so very much.
On January 8th I will be scooting over to the breast cancer board. I went for my first mamogram a few weeks ago and they found the beginnings of cancer in my right breast. The doctor is pretty confident that they have caught it in time and the outlook is a positive one. I will still check in on you girls at times. And I sure will keep you posted. Thanks for always inspiring me to do my best at things, your support for each other is pretty awesome. I wish you all the best of days. A huge hug to all of you. Cindy


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    I'm so sorry to hear about your recent dx., and I'm sure your numb, but you have a wonderful outlook, and that is key to any diversity that life can sometimes give you. Good luck, and I'll be saying prayers that all goes well, and I think it's wise to go to the breast cancer board right now,you need their support right now, but please always know you can come here and say hello or S**t whenever you want. have a wonderful and painfree holiday...(((hugz)))..Joanne