Cytoxan and Adriamycin?

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I will be starting chemo on the 27th for Stage I breast cancer treatment. I am having a Mediport put in this week. The two chemo drugs I will be taking are Cytoxan and Adriamycin every 2 weeks for 4 treatments. Is anyone out there familiar with these drugs? I am truly afraid of all this stuff! Thanks in advance for your help . . .


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    I do not have experience with those particular drugs. You can look on to see more info about specific drugs. The website was recommended to me by the nurses in the chemo lab at the center I go to. I have finished chemo till after surgery (double mastectomy Dec. 21...Merry Christmas!) I had herceptin and Taxol, very effective and minimal side effects for me (unusual). Fear is just shows you are smart enough to know that you have something a bit more serous than a hangnail. This site is a good place for support. Also, ask your Doctor, ask your Doctor, ask your Doctor...about anything and everything, as many times as it takes for you to feel informed.

    Best wishes, seof
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    I had AC chemo 6 yrs ago kab. It's not fun, but it's also not the worst thing you'll ever do either! :-) We have a breast cancer chat here on Tues. nights at 9PM EST if you want to stop by. How old are you? I was 38 when dx'd, 44 now. I had stage 1 but was treated as stage 2 bec. my tumor was large. You CAN do this!! There are a lot of us out here who have walked that path.

    Hugs and prayers!
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    Hi Kab, I had Cytoxin and Epirubicin (a relative of Adriamycin) with a Fluoracil chaser:) You know I actually had funny dreams during that time. It was so strange, really funny ones. My morning headaches went away and so did my hot flashes. There also was some pretty crummy stuff as well. Nausea, fatigue and spacy. Tastes and smells change. You may not be able to eat normally and have cravings for foods you don't usually eat. You will find out much more from as seof suggests.

    Best of luck to you
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    I did have those 2 drugs, plus one more, Taxotere, as my chemo-cocktail. I was stage 2B, with lymphnode involvement, and March 29 will be the 5 Year anniversary of surgery. Newboobs is right~it is no picnic, but surprisingly, after the first infusion , the whole fear of the unknown element, and the Big Realization that you are among the sisterhood of BC and chemo~ you will just do it! The staff at the Cancer Center were absolute dreams, very supportive and nurturing. It seems that these caregivers are a special brand! They know the fear, and the rollercoaster we are riding. I would imagine that you will find the RNs where you go for treatment will be just as wonderful.
    We are available for discussions and chat all through your treatment! I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through it all without the love, experience, insight and support of the women (and men) who battle the Beast with us.

    You are a survivor! Welcome to the ranks!

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    Hi, kab
    I had the exact same cocktail you are having. I made it through. It was tough. Then I had Taxotere afterwards. Whatever you are feeling, please know that the sun will shine tomorrow. This is NOT the end. Keep in touch with boards. We are the sisterhood.

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    water, water, water, water water....I drank 4 quarts the day before, day of, day after infusion....I sit here typing this, 1.5 years later, with NO tingles or numbness in my feet or hands (common for Adriamycin).

    One caution (you asked). FIRST let me say that I had EVERY side effect in the! With the adrimycin, I developed some heart arrythmia. If this happens, get thee to your oncologist. I skipped my last treatment because of this. We figured that permanent damage was not the point in trying to keep a reoccurance away.

    I then went on to 4 Taxol treatments, and it was fine...

    One question...there is a big paper out now about the Oncotype gene testing. No, this is NOT the test for heredity....this tests the possibility of a reocurrance, and is now being used when considering the course of treatment. While rather expensive, it is worth it if you don't need chemo after all...

    Good luck and welcome...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi There,
    I had both the Adriamycin and Cytoxin and then it was followed with Taxol.

    I have to tell you that I had not one side effect from the A/C, but when they gave me the Neulasta the 1st and only time I took it, I though I would die. The side effectcs were horrendous. Oncologist did not give me Neulasta again, and I got thru 6 treatments of AC with no problem. Except Hair Loss. The Taxol on the other hand was horrific too. They had to put me in hospital for my liver and pancreas, and I stopped the treatment after 5.

    Listen to Kathy, Drink tons before you go for chemo, and after. It really helps. They will give you a cocktail to prevent the nausea, and it really worked for me. Remember this, it will be over almost before you know it. Stay positive, and prayers are being sent you way.
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    I had the exact same treatment from Feb. 12 through Mar. 26th 2007. I lost my hair after about 2 weeks (just as I started the second round). I was on Emend and Kytril for nausea. They helped A LOT! I was never nauseaus, just VERY tired. I also felt like my head was heavy for several days after each cycle. It was sort of like the feeling you get when you are coming down with something or have a low-grade fever. I had the chemo every other Monday. On Tuesday, they gave me IV fluids after the second cycle because I complained about feeling sick. That seemed to help the feeling in my head somewhat. I'm not sure exactly why. Overall, I imagined it would be a lot worse than it actually was. Good luck to you!
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    I just finished 6 rounds of Cytoxan, Adriomycin and Taxol. I had it every three weeks. It was not bad in the beginning just the last 2 were tough. My oncologist prescribed ANZEMET for the nausea which helped. I also drank lots of water to flush out the chemicals. I did not really get sick until the very last one and that lasted about 4 days where I was very queasy. Hang tough you will get through it. I also had a port put in which I am having removed this Monday.