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Went to get a massage today and they stopped it...they said they needed the approval from my onco because sometimes it can do more harm...estimulates the cells, lymph nodes ? something like that. I always heard that was I am cunfused...any suggestions ?


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    I attended a cancer retreat for women and they gave free massages and I had to bring a note from my doctor as well. I never did ask why but would be interested if anyone knows.

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    Will you have trouble getting an ok from onc? I know one of the problems is the platelet level. A low level means increased risk for bleeding. I've been going to the same therapist for 7 years. She does a type of therapy called ama massage. It's a very gentle method.
    boy fo I miss my massages. Since the brain surgery I can't drive, so I can't .get to them. Boo hoo...poor me.
    Check with your onc. He may have no objections.
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    When you have lymph nodes removed you are at risk for Lymphedema. Most simply put your lymphatic system no longer works properly and massage therapy has to be very specific in directing the lymph fluid to the remaining healthy nodes. I have lymphedema from breast ca. There are therapists who are trained and certified in lymphatic massage. Massage is great but if you have lymphedema you need to be careful. My CR surgeon never mentioned it to me - only when I got it from breast surgery - then the physical therapist told me I was at risk for it in the groin and abdomen because of the nodes they removed during the colectomy.
    Hope this helps...
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    I am not sure about the lymphedema (is that leaking of lymph fluids?), but there are some people that feel that massage can spread cancer cells around the body via the lymphatic fluid. Personally I think it is not true, I had massage every other week for the last 5 years and I have not had that happen to me.
    I think the massage does more good than any potential harm.
    Most likely your doctor will say it is fine. I did not have "deep tissue" massage when I was in treatment, but now I do.
    At any rate, it will be interesting to see what your doctor says about it.
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    Good question. I will have to ask my Onc Doc. When my hubby and I went away for our 25th wedding anniversary I tried to schedule a couples massage, but found out since I am on blood thinners they could not perform the massage due to a chance of bleeding.
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    I had a similar situation happen (they stopped mid-massage). Later I talked with several people (including a masseuse who specializes in therapeutic massage ie for people with medical problems) and my oncologist. They both felt it was perfectly safe. I believe massage can have wonderful benefits (stress relief, improving body image, etc).