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I just wanted to apologise to anyone who I didn't repond to. I'm on dial up with Telus (which should explain everything) and it stalled out and I had to reboot.

It was so nice talking to everyone and I think it is so cool that we are connecting from all over the continent. Warm and fuzzy thoughts to everyone and thank you.


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    I am glad you could make it! Sorry to hear you had computer woes... hopefully next time will be a little smoother for you. :-)

    Take care,

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    Computers~ love em/hate em! We think we tell them what to do, but we are truly at the beck and call of boot and reboot and everything in between, aren't we? LOL As Dana said, glad you made it at all. No apologies needed. One thing most of us who fight cancer are not is Thin-skinned. We look foreward to chatting with you next time!
  • I can relate phoenix. Please don't give it another thought. That was a hoot Tuesday night wasn't it?
    Good to see you there and hope to see you again soon.