Menstrual Cycles after tx

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I'm 31 & have always had regular periods until cancer. I had 1 period after I started chemo- a year later I had another, exactly a month later I had another. I was told it may come back so I just assumed my lucky days were over. After the 2 back to back I haven't had another. I took a preg test the first month I missed it was neg. I don't have hot flashes or symptoms of menopause..... has anyone else had this happen?


  • Hi Aim
    My cycles did not stop while on chemo (I had two 10 month courses about two years apart finishing by the time I was 40), but they did stop during the next few years while I was on tamoxifen. I was in my late 40's by that time. I experienced no hot flashes or other 'menopausal' symptoms. By the time I was off tamoxifen I was 'passed the age' and my cycles did not return. I considered that a blessing....'painless menopause'.
    They do say there is a silver lining behind every cloud.
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    I'm in my 11th of 12 weeks of chemo. I have experienced hot flashes and moodiness, but not too severely. I have had periods on my usual somewhat regular basis (3-5 weeks between) until this month. I am currently about 7 weeks since last time. It remains to be seen what will happen when the chemo is over. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    I am 44 and am a 6 yr survivor. I had lupron shots for 2 yrs during chemo and tamoxifen to preserver fertility. I rarely had periods for those 2 yrs. The past 3 yrs I had one every 2 or 3 months. Since I finished TAM in March, I am back on perfect 28-day schedule. So, ask your dr. It just may take time for it to get to normal. I think it depends on your body and the type of meds you have. Good luck!
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    Hi Aim136,

    Seems that there's no clear cut answers on what to expect, post tx, with periods. Beyond the fact that the younger we are when we have chemo, the greater the likelihood of our periods returning to normal.

    You may ask your gynecologist to do an Estradiol test to help figure out what's happening with your body re any signs of menopause. The pelvic exam part of your check up with him/her can reveal clues as well. As I learned, thinning of the vaginal wall, etc., is all part of the process.

    If you google in: Chemotherapy and Menopause, you may find some intersting sites to explore on the subject. You could also try: Choose breast cancer and see what may be available. I haven't visited that section of the site in some time, so don't know what info may be currently displayed on the subject there. Generally, it's a really good site for solid medical/research info on most all aspects of cancer; treatment, side effects (early and late), available trials, etc..

    Hope that may help some.

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