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I have a Peg tube for two years. Ratiation scarred my esophagus. Had the Peg replaced 2 times. First time was becaused it was getting clogged, and the second time was because if fell out. I had to go to the emergency room.


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    Carney, I am catching up with you re time with the PEG tube in place. I have also had the tube replaced...once in my case.

    The reason for the emergency room visit, for me, was not because I was in critical condition, of course, but because they don't want the fine hole they made to seal up, which would require a brand new surgery and a brand new location.

    I bring that up so that folks aren't alarmed by the 'emergency room' phrase.

    Re the 'clogging', they should have advised you that flushing the tube after each feeding is not a suggestion but mandatory. If you use the 'plunger' and force water through the tube after feeding, the 'clogging', at least in my experience, is not a problem.

    Take care.