Life expectancy after rp

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One question. Here is the info.
Had RP done 10/2003-gleason 3+3---all margins and nodes clean. Psa hanging bteween .09 -.13. Dr. says no sweat till .20. had testicular cancer 2002. Now the question.
If it comes back in a "mild form" what are my chances of living a reasonably long time comfortably? I have just recently come to grips that there is no cure just treatments. Thanks to everyone one on this site. More great info here than anywhere else.


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    At this point I would say you should live life to it's fullest. It sounds like your PSA continues to maintain an acceptable level. We cannot live with anticipation of (what might happen) in the future. None of us know.

    Congratulations on your recovery and continued survivorship.

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    My dx was 50% chance to live 2 years with psa of 24 and gleason of 9, and that was about 5 years ago. My psa went to .19 after treatment and has gone up to 2.0 as of last week. I have some pain but but getting rid of all stress and focusing on only doing things I enjoy has resulted in 5 of the best years of my life. I may start more treatment after golf season is over if I feel it is necessary. My urologist said not to worry until psa hit 1.0. With mine at 2.0 I guess he wants me to worry but I really don't see how that helps. The timing of the treatment and type of treatment after mets is not all that critical. You will know when and if you are ready and do not get pressured into a decision that will alter your quality of life without great consideration.