Thanks to all that are here!

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HI I am Beth, Stage 3 colorectal cancer, dx may07, had surgery to remove the tumor, now just finished my second round of chemo. I have posted a few times and I read alot of those who post here. I did do a web page that was fun. I just really want to say thank you to all those out there that post such wonderful support, advice and the true concern that you all share for each other. It warms my heart and gives me more and more hope each day that I too will beat this BEAST and be able to post the day I am NED and do the happy naked dance.

Again I just wanted to say THank you, you all have made a difference in my life and my fight for my life!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL


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    Hi Beth...
    Great job on the website. Sounds like you have a full program planned for the next year!! 2 down 10 to go.. then on to the next one. It's good to see you've got good support on hand from your partner and family. We'll all be here too, every step of the way and look forward to you and Wendy doing the happy dance when its all through.
    I'm starting round 5 of 6 on Monday. I'll take Avastin and Irinotecan by IV and then xeloda orally for 2 weeks... I did folfox a couple of years ago with the pump and all. Handled it fairly well.
    Blessings... Rob; in Vancouver
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    Hi Beth,

    I love your positive attitude! I know it will be a silver bullet in your arsenal to knock your cancer down. I have a feeling you're going to cruise through this, but know your friends are here for you if you ever hit a wall.

    And great job on your Personal Page - it's nice to "meet" you. I know exactly what you mean about cancer teaching you to find balance in life. I learned the same lesson, and while I wish I could have learned it through some other experience, I'm glad I learned it somehow. I love my job, but now post cancer I'm finding that I'm less affected by it on a personal level. Currently I'm working hard to find humor in the chaos at work, rather than get tangled up and frustrated by it. Cancer taught me to accept people for who they are and that has given me the gift of patience and understanding.

    Congratulations on getting through round two. Keep us posted...we care!

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    As you can see we are a family that support,laugh,cry,care and love one another. You have found the right place for support and knowledge dealing with the beast. I found this family in may 04 after being dxed with stage II, and while in the hospital. What a God sent. You have a great attitude and i feel that goes a long way on slaying the dragon.
    And yes you will dance with Ned and even do the Naked Happy Dance!!!!. Did Kathi put a patent on that!!! lol