Me too!

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I am starting 4 to 6 cycles of carboplatin and taxol tomorrow following my debulking surgery. So I join Bonnie in hope that by Christmas we can have a rest. I saw the surgeon yesterday and the surgery is healing fine, blood counts are good including the liver functions. They blasted the liver tumors away with radio wave and I am having some referred pain to my right shoulder but that is being deminished with ibuprophen. Off all pain meds. for two days now. Prayers really worked for me, thanks to all of you.


  • BonnieR
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    Dear Saundra, I hope you are finished before Christmas too. Saying prayers for peace and assurance, along with prayers for the chemo to kick cancers butt and get you through this before Christmas.

    Sending lots of hugs n prayers Bonnie
  • mopar
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    So happy to hear your hopeful, positive words. You have every reason to be! Double prayers now for you and Bonnie to beat the living daylights out of this 'beast' and be ready to celebrate life long before Christmas!
  • floridajo
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    Hoping that the chemo kicks butt and you'll be up and well for the Christmas holidays, the first time I went on chemo I had to go through Thanksgiving and Christmas right after chemo..and it sure made the holidays stink...I like your positive attitude, it can only help you...saying and thinking prayers for you..(((hugz)))./..Joanne