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two years ago bladder cancer diagonised and surgically removed the cancer growth. Then BCG treattment was done weekly once. Cistoscopy was done every three months. So far no recurrence or any problems. Was chooing tobaco and drinking alcohol twice a week. After cancer however continued tobaco and also drinking moderately. No recurrence so far. But developed cancer of the esophaghus(food pipe) three months ago. As it is on the upper part of food pipe it is non-operable. Radiation treatment and kimo was given. Now when checked with endoscope the growth is gone. THERE IS STILL PAIN.


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    Sorry to hear of your second cancer. Did it come from the bladder cancer? I had three different types of cancer but all three were in the bladder. Two have never returned since cystoscope surgery and the third has a tendancy to return but is treatable with BCG, like yours. I hope your esophaghus cancer is gone for good. From what I have heard there are short and long term effects of radiation and chimo but most of the painful things go away after a short time. I really wish you luck. At least the bladder cancer is at bay.