"A Cancer Journal"

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Greetings from beautiful Vancouver!!
Yesterday I started a weblog called "A Cancer Journal" to share some reflections on this journey of life and healing. I'll be posting frequently with survival stories, reflections on healing, prayers, resource links, personal health updates, laments, celebrations, etc.
My first post was on The "Will to Live" (also posted here) and today's post is on the angels and saints who accompany us, "We Are Not Alone...". Drop by and have a look if you want. You'll find me at... http://www.rob-pollock.blogspot.com/
"We find God on the Internet because it binds us all as One." Joshua Hammerman


  • usakat
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    Awesome! I'll be a regular visitor...
  • shmurciakova
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    Thanks for sharing that with us. That is too cool. Keep up the postings,
    Susan H.
  • catherine58
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    Great website! Keep up the blogging!

  • saundra
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    Thank you for sharing your blog. I'll check in from time to time.
    God Bless and give you peace.