just an update...dads cancer has spread, please help..

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Thanks to all who replied to my first message, the thoughts mean so much. I wanted to update you all on my fathers condition. He had surgery 6 days ago and is doing fairly well,( it is major surgery and a week out he shouldn't be ready to build the deck! :). His pathology was not as we would have hoped, though. It has spread beyond the prostate, though to what exact area his Dr. is not certain; either muscle, fatty tissue or pelvic wall. I'm confused about his staging though, and would love any help! Originally, after biopsies, his grade was a T2c. Now with the surgery finished, it's been upgraded to a T3c. But all I've read, to include the book the Dr. sent us home with says very clearly that Any involvement NOT in the seminal vessicals is a T4 cancer. The difference in a T3 and T4 is also the determining factor in his case, between a Stage III and IV cancer. I'm so confused.... All my reading says any other spread would put dad at Stage IV. I could use anyones suggestions and help--- you have all been such a source of comfort for me.
Thank you, and wishes and prayers to you all, Christie


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    Sorry to hear about your dad. On a positive note, since he selected surgery as his procedure, the doctors can now follow up with radiation. If he had decided on radiation for his procedure, he would not have a second choice.
    I cannot give you any advise on the questions you asked (stages of cancer), but there are so many additional options for your dad. If you have a good doctor, I am sure there are options you dad can take that will give him a decent quality of life.

    Keep us posted on his progress.