Good News



  • moniquebar
    moniquebar Member Posts: 57
    Your news has made my day.

    Best wishes for continued health,
  • Faith4Cure
    Faith4Cure Member Posts: 405
    It is always encouraging to hear some good news. I am very happy for you. I know all the waiting makes for stressful times. This is a great way to start your summer. Enjoy life!!

  • sladich
    sladich Member Posts: 429
    Congratulations! I'm a newbie to the group but not to colon cancer. I signed up for the Colon Palooza so I'll meet you there. I'll go and read your webpage to get the info on your journey. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!
  • hopefulone
    hopefulone Member Posts: 1,043
    Am so happy for you . Truly wonderful news. ! God Bless.

  • kangatoo
    kangatoo Member Posts: 2,105

    Am so happy for you . Truly wonderful news. ! God Bless.


    Great news Mark! Every single post that brings good news here also brings hope to all our friends on CSN. We wish you the very go CELEBRATE!
    Ross and Jen
  • Kanort
    Kanort Member Posts: 1,272
    Hi Mark,

    Sorry for the delay in my post. Fabulous deserve it. What a fighter and a winner you are!!!! Your extra efforts were well worth the struggle!

    See you in Nashville!