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Last December I was dx with NHL agressive follicuar grade III. I just finished 6 sessions of R-chop and after my 3rd was told I was in remission. Yesterday I received a phone call from my sister who has lived in another state for the past 35 years and was shocked to hear that she was also dx with Lymphoma. That is all I know at this time not even the type because she has not picked a DR. yet. I have read that Lymphoma is not hereditary and to date nobody else in my family has ever had Lymphoma. Has anyone else ever heard of this in sibblings?


  • alihamilton
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    I am so glad to hear you are doing well...certainly going into remission after three treatments was great! I also believed that lymphoma is not hereditary so it may just be coincidental. I hope your sister does as well as you have in treatment.
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    I don't know about NHL, but I was told that because I had Hodgkins that my siblings needed to be aware that they were at a higher risk for it than the general population.
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    I was dx last 6/16/06 high grade b-cell NHL. My older sister had same exact dx 4 years prior. We too live in different states. But also my mother passed away 6 yrs ago of low grade NHL. gets better here - my Grandfather also passed awy from NHL at 50. Not hereditary? What do you think?
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    I've read that siblings of those with NHL are at higher risk for it, according to studies done within the past several years.