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My mother was operated for Stage 3 (T4 N1 M0) Squamous esophagus cancer on 5th of april 07 and had some complications during the surgery . So the joining of the rest of the esophagus with the stomach has not been done . Doctors say that it will done after 4 -6 weeks . But currently she is having breathing problem . Doctors say it is due to the fuilds which gets collected in the lungs space . HAs anyone encountered this problem . And please suggest any alternative therapy whcih can prolong my mothers life ..


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    Coincidentally I had my surgery for stage 3 N1 esophageal cancer exactly three years earlier,on April 5, 2004 and am still here, cancer free, to tell you that I know very well about your mother's breathing problem. The same thing happened to me. The thoracic duct can easily be damaged during this surgery, causing fluid to leak into the chest cavity, preventing the lungs from expanding. After four or five days the fluid would build up so much it became nearly impossible to breathe and they would have to poke a needle in my chest to drain the fluid. These leaks often seal themselves off spontaneously and nothing needs to be done. In my case, after waiting about four weeks we gave up on natural healing and went back in to repair the duct surgically. Fortunately they were able to find it and fix it arthroscopically without having to open me up again.
    The bottom line is that this is a very nasty cancer, only partly because the surgery for it is so extremely invasive. Complications go with the territory. They can be very discouraging, but there is no easy way to beat this thing. This cancer can be beaten, but it's a real fight in which you have to expect to take some hard licks along the way. Don't give up.