Antioxidant supplementation generally safe during cancer therapy

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I take USANA suppliments and just received this article via e-mail. I think someone was asking about suppliments recently.

The January/February and March/April 2007 issues of the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine published a two-part article which concluded that, contrary to long-held beliefs, antioxidant and other nutritional supplementation during chemotherapy or radiation does not interfere with these treatments.

Researchers stated, "A single, front-page interview in The New York Times in 1997, which was not based on published scientific work, and a single research paper involving mice, along with a press release by its author in 1999, led to the erroneous notion that vitamin C interferes with chemotherapy and radiation in humans. This notion soon applied to all antioxidants as physicians, patients, the media, the American Cancer Society, and scores of websites took the same position without reviewing the scientific evidence."

The latest research identified 50 human studies involving the use of dietary supplements along with chemotherapy and/or radiation. Not only were antioxidants and other nutrients found not to interfere with the treatments, but in 47 of the studies supplements were associated with protection of normal tissue and a reduction of side effects. Increased survival rates were found in 15 of the studies.

The authors explain that, due to a loss of regulatory mechanisms for the uptake of antioxidants, cancer cells accumulate excessive amounts of the nutrients, while healthy cells do not. This defect decreases the oxidative reactions needed for the generation of the cells' energy. Additionally, the nutrients elicit other effects on cancer cells not related to their antioxidant activity.

Dietary food supplements, including antioxidants, are generally safe and can often be used to improve cancer patient care.

Altern Ther Health Med. 2007 Jan-Feb;13(1):22-8.

Altern Ther Health Med. 2007 Mar-Apr;13(2):40-7.


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    thank you !!! I have been looking for this article cause I read it a few days ago and couldn't find it....Since then I have been taking supplements up my....mouth....
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    Back in 2004 when I was on chemo my oncologist told me there was no data to support supplements hindering chemo. I showed him everything I wanted to do and it was fine with all of it other then iron supplements. He said I did not need them and they would effect my liver counts. I think that is why I did 8 months of folfox w/ avastin and never missed a treatments with low blood counts. Ultimately the chemo brain and neuropathy got the best of me. Thanks for posting this Limey and I am thrilled to hear you are doing so well!!!

    Hugs, Lisa P.