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Finally got the results of my husbands ct scan last week when going for his 3rd treatment today. The oncologist says that there has been some shrinkage in the liver mets. We are so grateful for this positive sign after two treatments. (Thank you God)and thank you all for your support. He will have another treatment in 3 weeks and then another scan two weeks after that. We are so hoping for more positive results and the possibility of more options. Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers. You are all in our prayers. God Bless .



  • alta29
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    after 2 treatments and is already showing shrinkage ??? That's awesome news.....!
  • jams67
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    Good to hear positive news. I know what a relief it is and hope this will help you through all of the procedures and treatments coming up. You will be in the prayers of many people on this site.
    Jo Ann
  • Betsydoglover
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    Great news, Diane. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Faith4Cure
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    That is great news. I've been thinking about you and I am glad for the update. I pray that your husband keeps going in this positive direction. Hope you can do something to celebrate!
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    That's wonderful news. Thanks for sharing. It makes our day brighter too.

  • spongebob
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    That's great news, Diane - keeping you both in my prayers.

    - SpongeBob